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This 3D Cardboard Gingerbread House is a fun craft for the holidays…get creative and decorate.


*ADULT required for this craft



Gingerbread House Template (CLICK HERE TO PRINT)

Corrugated cardboard

Hot glue gun and hot glue *Adult required

Scissors *ADULT required

Assorted Craft Smart paint, Creatology chenille stems, pom poms and stickers



1.First, CLICK HERE to download and print the template; then cut out the pieces.
TIP: If needed, adjust the size of your house by enlarging or reducing the template when you print.

2.Trace two of each pattern piece onto corrugated cardboard so that you have a front and back for the house, two sides (the longer rectangle pieces) and two roof pieces (the smaller rectangle pieces).

3.ADULT: Use scissors to carefully cut out all of the pieces.
TIP: Adults may use a craft knife with a ruler to make more precise cuts. Please ensure the safety cap is on the craft knife whenever it is not in use.

4.ADULT: Hot glue the front and back to the side pieces, then glue on the roof pieces.

5.Decorate the gingerbread house as desired by painting on a door and windows, adding pom-poms, stickers and chenille pipe cleaners.


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